Bharat Benz

Creating an India specific brand for Daimler


Daimler AG, one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of commercial vehicles with a global reach, approached Elephant for the identity creation of a new range of trucks being developed specifically for the Indian market. This was the first time Daimler was developing a brand and its products outside Germany. Hence, it was imperative to consider the legendary status of a brand that owns a name such as Mercedes Benz. The brand intent for this new range was to transform the trucking landscape in India while inspiring trust.


The automotive landscape and its evolution were understood by studying brands and end-users to create a suitable visual positioning for the brand. The new Brand Identity platform communicated the vision of Daimler, through Mercedes Benz’s heritage and aligned it with the promise represented by its strong brand name, to ensure it resonated with India.


Along with the Daimler team, Elephant created an identity expression that brought the name “Bharat Benz” to life as a fusion- identifiable with its core customers along with texture and details, to depict its quality and evoke the aspiration of an international brand. The solid look reflects its engineering capability and durability of the product range while the symbol captures its global strength being brought in for Indian market.


The identity was launched in February, 2011 and created a buzz in the Indian automotive industry. The India Specific “Bharat Benz” Trucks range have been launched in September 2012.
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