Godrej Group

Align and integrate brands in a portfolio to the group’s new positioning


Godrej, an Indian Conglomerate launched its new Corporate Identity and outlined their new proposition of ‘Brighter Living’ in 2008. Elephant partnered with Godrej to help leverage the strength of its corporate (master) brand across its diverse business & product categories in order to create a unified & power-packed new look and feel.


The new proposition of ‘Brighter Living’ needed to be infused across the various hero brands of Godrej, while maintaining a clear differentiation amongst them. At the same time these brands needed to stand out within their respective categories.


Visual architecture for the entire portfolio was defined by first understanding each individual brand's Customer & Category Codes. The visual approach involved symbolic representation of the key benefit of each brand through relevant interpretation and expression of the three primary Godrej brand colours.


For each brand, visual assets spanning across identity, elements and language were designed. Elephant created a standardized guideline manual for each brand, to ensure distinct and consistent representation in all the communication.


Godrej Eon, Godrej Aerospace and Godrej Ultra were launched with this new system, in 2009. Team Elephant also designed the identity of the reality show ‘Godrej Khelo Jeeto Jiyo’ launched in the same year.
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