Britannia 50 – 50

Sharpening the positioning of a snack


Britannia 50-50 has been established as a tasty snack brand since its launch in 1993. Moving to a sharper positioning, it needed to transition to a brand that appealed to young fun loving men and women who enjoy the dualities of life.


An aspect of fun & duality did not reflect in the packaging previously. Elephant took up the challenge of bringing out the surprising taste & duality of this brand’s character and build high recall. It was also important to bring the contemporary conversational tone of voice that would mirror the lifestyle of snack consumers.


Identifying humor in the name of the brand, Elephant decided to heighten the surprise quotient by designing a logo with duality, creating a very strong & differentiated identity. The branding unit was designed within an enclosure to resemble a snack being bitten off from both sides. Silver & Green were retained & bright colours were added to the palette for vibrancy. Flavours were brought in as conversation bubbles that spoke to each other with sprinkles of ingredients. Elephant added the insight that young people often dream of international holidays and popular destinations could well be used as a cue for them to get engaged with the snack. This insight was used to create flavours like Italian Pizza, Swiss Cheese & Chili and Chinese Hot & Sweet.


The new Britannia 50-50 was launched in 2010 and since has a growing portfolio with introduction of more exciting flavours and formats.
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