Britannia Premium Breads

Engaging consumer by highlighting brand promise


Many households in India use sliced bread as staple convenience food. The evolved and educated top end consumers have a perception that bread does not have enough health and nutritional benefits. Britannia wanted to gain equity with the top end consumers through its new offering of world class healthy breads which are loaded with natural ingredients and offered health benefits too. It also offered consumers the choice of adding healthy ingredients to their diet in a convenient, subtle and tasty manner.


The challenge was to position ‘Britannia Breads” as a premium, healthy range of breads. The packaging design needed to engage the consumer by strongly highlighting the health quotient of the brand and deliver the promise of healthy eating. Also the packaging needed to evoke in customers, the need to buy the product. The goodness and the benefits associated with each ingredient (e.g. “Oats for healthy heart”) needed to be highlighted.


Elephant devised a packaging design system with a distinct identity and visual language having premium, health cues. A “Guno se bhari” icon system was created to strongly bring out the proposition of healthy ingredients and the relevant benefit associated with each ingredient. Organic, fresh colours were used and the natural goodness of ingredients was brought out through actual pictures of the natural ingredients. The visual appeal of product was enhanced through an open window. Based on a retail insight that breads could be placed either horizontally or vertically in any retail environment, vertical and horizontal layouts were created in the same packaging.


The new premium packaging for Britannia breads were launched with 4 variants initially in markets of north India followed by Mumbai and initial response to the new range of healthy breads has been encouraging.
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