Creating a new brand with cohesive packaging across the range


MTR, amongst the top 5 processed food companies in India had repositioned themselves in 2010 as “a friend in the kitchen”. In line with the new positioning they decided to move their ice-cream category under a new brand name, which would be initially endorsed by MTR, and eventually go independent.


Their existing packaging system was disparate and did not appear as part of one brand. The task was to make the entire ice -cream range appear cohesive and contemporize it through a new brand name and package design.


The name 'Gimmie' inspired by the modern day youth conversational slang “Give Me”. Gimme was coined as it cues youthful playfulness. When said aloud, it symbolizes asking for more ice-cream. The new pack design brings out the joy of eating an MTR ice-cream. The brand language has been devised through a playful depiction of the ingredients, designed exclusively for each flavour. Through the creation of an independent brand mark and new unified brand language, the MTR ice creams range were lifted from “local regional player” look to that of “ established national brand” look and image.


The brand with its distinct identity was launched across South India. Consumers have welcomed the refreshing new change and the brand has received a very positive response.
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