Paper Boat beverages from the past delivered in a brand new way

Associating drinks with memories


Generations of mothers in India have passed on some incredibly tasty and healthy recipes of simple drinks that are perfect after a game of hopscotch or a splash in the rainwater puddle by the house. Is there something that can take us back to those innocent times?


How to communicate the brand idea of simple, natural, unadulterated drinks that promise familiar tastes from the past in a contemporary and accessible format.


Name: paper boat Simple and fun, just like the paper boats we launched as kids. Inspired from a well known Indian song “Wo kagaz ki kashti” that reminds of childhood memoried and grandmother’s tales. Design: For differentiation & authenticity, standee pouches in a substrate that looks & feels like paper were chosen. Why pouch? Because it gives the feeling of squeezing a fruit when you hold a flexi pouch filled with liquid. The packaging reflects simplicity and purity of the drink inside. Flat colours, simple shapes and a pack language reminiscent of the childhood landscape, all contribute to the delightful nostalgia that the brand is all about.


Paper Boat was silently placed across retail outlets in all major metros in India. Without any advertising or promotions, the packs disappeared from the shelves so quickly that the client had to revise capacity plans. At last count, this ideas has grown into a full fledged portfolio of ten flavors and is growing at a pace of 200% from one season to another.
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