Symphony DiET Evaporative Air Cooler

Minimum footprint Maximum Impact for a space strapped world


Symphony has partnered with Elephant for product innovation & design since 1989. This is a 25-year strong partnership in developing products for the emerging markets & emerging lifestyle. Today Symphony is World’s No 1 Evaporated Coolers Company and takes pride in being known for its well-designed products that set benchmarks in the emerging markets year after year. This is a story of growth & success by design.


Symphony has a strong presence in over 80 countries around the world. Symphony’s exponential global forays posed a continuous design challenge of creating unique propositions with strong differentiators on a globally competitive scale.


To design a cooler with smallest possible footprint & distinct style that can be applied to the future range of coolers in order to establish a unique & identifiable design language.

Design Insight

Metro & semi-Metro towns are getting saturated, resulting in smaller houses. Any new appliance or gadget needs to have smallest footprint, with maximum functionality. Countries with peculiar weather conditions need comfort cooling solutions that consume less power and ae accessible to masses.


For the user: An ultra small footprint of just 12’ X 12” having a unique vertical format was visualized to suit compact urban floor-spaces. There was nothing remotely close to these dimensions, style or looks available anywhere, making it a stand-out. The cooler sports a push button control panel and an integrated water level window in the tank making it one of the most convenient & easy to use cooler. For the manufacturer: The range has different tank capacities but the assembly of the major parts was maintained as a common factor to serve the needs of different kinds of users from different markets around the world. This made it one of the most economical designs for production & assembly as it eliminated tooling for multiple parts. For logistics: The dimensions enabled fitting maximum possible coolers in shipping containers of different size configurations, which helped curb the shipping costs. This was a demonstration of local insights being used for global development.


Symphony DiET was a runaway sales success in its first season; with production completely sold out and today it gets exported to over 28 countries.
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