Venky’s Sports Nutrition

Revitalising the range to take on international brands in the category


Venky’s , a well-known brand for its range of processed chicken products has expanded its product portfolio with a range of protein driven nutritional supplements for various needs. Under this new category of sports nutrition, there existed a wide range of highly effective products that fulfill every nutrition requirement of a consumers who are physically active, gym goers or athletic.


In India, the sports nutrition category is dominated by foreign brands, which are perceived to be more effective as they appear premium and expert. Consumers in this category didn’t have sufficient knowledge of which products are for which specific fitness objectives and rely of physical trainers for this knowledge and product selection. The challenge was to create a design system to best showcase the entire range of Venky’s as well as create a packaging design that would facilitate product – fitness need communication and compete with international brands.


‘Venky’s Nutrition’ as a category brand was created for the entire nutrition range to align with international standards as well as create distinction and credibility of the expertise in the consumer’s’ mind. The sports nutrition product portfolio was segmented into need and benefit based clusters – “Build”, “Recover” and “Energise” and this was built in strongly in the packaging communication – a major breakthrough in terms of user-friendliness within category. A speedometer was conceptualized as an own-able brand element on the pack to signify performance, speedy transformation and masculinity. A vibrant solid orange was used as the brand colour to appear energetic, sporty and to differentiate amongst competition which was predominantly red, black and blue. In addition, each need cluster were given specific colors for differentiation : Solid Blue for BUILD, Soothing Purple for RECOVER and Active Green for ENERGISE.


The new packaging design system created the image of an expert, premium range that could easily compete with international players and also facilitate product communication to the consumers. This range is growing rapidly @ over 30% every quarter since launch.
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