Adding the flavour of traditional cooking to a contemporary lifestyle


Nirlep Appliances is a leader in non- stick cookware manufacture. Nirlep was looking for fresh, new opportunities in the kitchen segment.


People who love food are very conscious about the way it is cooked. Traditional Indian food prepared in earthen pots ( Handi’s ) carry a distinct aroma that made eating a sheer delight. Traditional earthenware cannot sustain multiple cooking cycles, charred food deposits make reuse difficult and unhygienic hence their use has become almost redundant over the years. This was also an opportunity to introduce users to the healthy benefits of slow cooking.


Bhoomi meaning Earth; is a range that facilitates cooking on a slow flame which is a great way to save energy and sports a non-stick coating, which lets clay aroma permeate into the food and leads to a healthy lifestyle as it requires less oil for cooking. It is easy to clean, reuse and yet retains a uniquely traditional dimension.The shape is designed with a small opening and thick side walls so as to retain heat for a longer duration than metal. Bhoomi is microwave safe. The fired clay surface is embellished with Indian callygraphic motifs and packaged in eco-friendly recycled paper boxes. The unique lid knob provides space to park a spatula and hold water for better cooking efficiency. The “devnagri alphabet – Bhaa “ finds its way as a caligraphed motif on the surface of the cookware.


Bhoomi carries forward the benefits of cooking in clay but still is relevant to our modern lifestyle and present habits of cooking. The range has been launched with a lot of excitement amongst users and retail.
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