Commonwealth Youth Games – Baton

Exemplifying the history and culture of the city


Elephant was approached by the organizing committee for the 3rd Common Wealth Youth Games in the year 2008, to conceptualize and manufacture the Baton for The Youth Baton Relay. The Baton had to be symbolic and in line with the theme of the Youth games; “Green” games. The Baton was to be carried from Delhi to Pune through 9 states of India before reaching the games venue.


The central theme of the games was as an idea to avoid using fuel & fire, the Baton would collect water from various places across India and the collected water would be poured into an urn resulting into a water fountain, to mark the opening of the games. The shape of the Baton was to exemplify the history and the culture of the city of Pune where the games were held.


The shape of the Baton was inspired from ‘Tutari’ (a wind instrument used during auspicious events). On the top, it sported 3 copper leaves hand crafted by traditional artisans in Pune. A copper container was placed within the Baton which would collect the water. Each water sample was tested and the results were published online real time showing a water quality mapping. The Baton was manufactured using a mix of traditional local craft and modern manufacturing technology. A dock for the Baton was also designed and manufactured for the Baton Relay.


The Baton travelled through 9 States, covering over 8000 km. 6000 selected athletes had the honour to carry the Baton in support of the Commonwealth Youth Games 2008. The baton unified the youth and created an awareness of local water issues. The collected water during relay was used at the opening ceremony to create a spectacular fountain of Youth. The Baton represented the unifying spirit of all 71 participating nations, territories and their sporting youth.
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