Go Charger

Designing a compact charger for mobile phones


India has 850 million cellular phone subscribers and the number is growing. Cellular phones act as the primary source of communication for business, entertainment and emergency services across India. IdeaForge, a start-up enterprise approached Elephant with the basic technology to design a mechanical charger. The challenge was to design an easy to use, cost effective, mass-produced product that would be operated by applying minimal efforts to charge a mobile phone.


The design approach was to create a charger that is compact and could be used with one hand, with the added benefit of being able to use it even while talking.


The “Single hand usage function” was achieved by introducing a rolling mechanism in the form of a large wheel, which is rimmed with a thermo-plastic elastomeric grip to create a friction wheel, which can be operated on any surface available nearby. Clean concave and symmetrical form was given to enable a firm grip. Symmetrical form was designed to enable a comfortable and intuitive grip for both right and left handed operation.


2009 launched, this product is estimated to enable a hundred million people to charge their handsets on the go. The product is available at www.indiatimes.com, www.gadgets.in, http://www.outdoortravelgear.com/brand/ideaforge.aspx as well as through retail chains like “E-zone” and “Next” electronics
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Plasticon Award 2009 in 'Innovative Product Award' category Finalist at the International Spark Awards (USA) 2009. Finalist at the Global Green Gadgets Awards (USA) 2010