Milk Chiller

Helping a start up enterprise, create a workable solution for dairy farmers


Promethean Power Systems, a technology start up enterprise had worked hard to create a milk chiller package that could rapidly chill fresh milk, drawing support from a thermal storage battery. The milk chiller is to be deployed in villages and dairy collection centres.


The milk business presents a unique set of challenges. Milk related products need to be high on hygiene and cleanliness. The perception of the product needs to demonstrate high level of efficacy and flexibility of deployment. The Milk and Milk products segment is extremely cost sensitive and in many cases the product needs to retrofit existing systems.


The solution lay in creating a robust modular system in Stainless Steel, comprising of components that could be flexibly deployed at varying rural site conditions. Rapid milk chilling is made visible through transparent ports to highlight the unique nature of the process. Facilitating ease of use by providing a loading stair platform and a pouring cradle for heavy cans is what gained widespread acceptance for the product. Hygiene features like hopper cover, easy fit cloth filter and easy clean details add to the efficiency. The Thermal Storage Battery is a compact package which can be retrofitted into existing systems for a greener and continuous chilling.


Design intervention paved way for a consistent product system that can be manufactured and deployed at smaller rural dairy locations. This milk chilling system is on its way to become the new industry standard.
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