My Way TV Remote

Combining Ergonomics, Intuitiveness and natural capabilities to make a hand held product made for convenience true to its ability


MyWay is the leading IP TV service provider in India and it offers a multitude of convenient choices for entertainment. Users of the IP TV services are young and technology savvy. The need for a remote control was born and its solution had to be adaptable to other versions of the service with more functions.


User research revealed that use of the ‘Favourite’ and ‘Menu Navigation’ keys is more frequent for programme selection. The research also pointed out, that users used their thumb for number keys. An Ergonomic Keypad layout with a comfortable intuitive grip was the key to design the remote control.


The remote fits the natural grip of the hand in such a way that the thumb of the user naturally rests on the ‘OK’ key with forefinger providing a counter support below. Sizes of the keys have been designed keeping in mind the frequency of use. Frequently used keys such as ‘Volume’, ‘Programme’ and navigation have a form which lets finger easily glide over these keys making it intuitive and easy to use. The remote body has smooth flowing curves without any sharp edges or corners.


The remote adapts the IP TV user to the the TV menu protocol. The service along with the remote has been launched in select cities in India.
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