Nirlep Acilis

Balancing elegant style with utility benefit


Nirlep Appliances, the leading cookware manufacturer wanted to launch a non-stick cookware range in the premium segment. Designing a cookware range for the premium segment, commensurate to its value proposition of “stylish good looks” was the challenge. The handles had to be elegantly styled with a balance of utility benefits, to appeal to today’s upwardly mobile young users. The new cookware range had to be the gen-next lifestyle product.


Simplicity of style with high aesthetics was the key thought behind developing the range. Our approach was to introduce an upgraded product in the premium range that stood out with features, without dramatic change in the price strategy or manufacturing resources.


The “premium” element was brought into the range by silicone grips for the handles, matching the colours of the range. The handle knob was designed to support the ladle when cooking and offered a pleasant usage experience. Simple pastel colours brought the range to life. 1. Soft Touch inserts in handles & knob : Inserting contrasting colour Silicon touch inserts added a distinct colour and created an identity for the Acilis range. There is no other product in the Indian market with this feature. This also helped create a softer interface in comparison to the traditional hard Bakelite handles and surfaces. 2. Porcelain Enamel Exterior Finish : By application of this highly glossy & scratch resistant coating of porcelain enamel we created a product that was far more durable than any competition and presentable to become a serve utensil making the Acilis range the ideal “ Cook & Serve” range that home chef’s can easily carry to the dinning table. Acilis range is the first and only one of its kind non stick product to be manufactured in India exclusively with in-house technical expertise for exterior enamel precision coating on aluminum 3. Spoon Rest : The transparent glass lid has a bi-fold shaped knob that serves as a surface to rest spoon or spatula during the cooking process. This helps keep the spoon handy which is desired by Indian kitchen & cooking users. This is a signature feature of Nirlep products and meant to increase user convenience. 4. Metal spoon Proof : The range sports an extra durable metal spoon proof non stick coating that makes the product function longer than other similar products. Since non stick requires little use of oil it creates a healthier lifestyle for users. 5. Distinct style language : The Acilis range sports a clean yet quietly sophisticated language and two new colours than products available in the market, Olive Green & Lime Yellow.


Acilis has gained significant market share ever since its launch and will soon make its foray into export markets as well. Acilis ranges of products reflect a premium lifestyle to appeal to the young upwardly mobile users. With Acilis Premium Non-stick Multi Pot Range cooking has been made easier, healthier & presentable for the product users.
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