Asian PPG

Creating a proactive and motivating culture


Asian PPG, a leading automotive coating MNC, wanted to create a world class training facility in India to impart expert knowledge in automotive refinishing and help OEMs, paint job-shop owners and technicians achieve a high standard of skill, proficiency and service. Asian PPG invited Elephant to create a stimulating spatial experience to enhance the training methodology, but also to showcase their latest technology offerings, in an innovative manner.


The training facility was intended for professionals from diverse backgrounds. Hence, flexible and technologically advanced learning environments were needed. The spaces and elements were to also consider safety, accessibility and aesthetics.


The spatial experience was planned to adapt to an existing set up and equipment needs of the training program and aimed to seamlessly integrate experiential touch points to stimulate the learners’ interest.


Elephant introduced the concept of ‘CARE’, devised as a metaphoric brand name that defined the intent of the space - Centre for Auto Refinishing Excellence. ‘CARE’ manifested itself in both tangible and intangible aspects of the APPG facility. The space was designed with a Training Hall, Colour Lab, Spray booth and Preparation deck. Special elements such as a Technology Showcase wall, a visual-cum-tactile installation on Refinishing stages, and a lighting system, built interest, emphasized on quality and created an overall high-tech brand image. A vibrant visual language across signage, posters & graphic panels and furniture with multiple combination possibilities added dynamism, warmth and inspiration for this otherwise serious industrial and technical facility.


For APPG’s strategic partner attendees, this space conveyed the brand’s essence and brought pride in mutual association. More importantly, the space has encouraged, aided and simplified the learning process.
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