LG Anant

Inspiring Innovative Thinking


LG Electronics, a global progressive consumer durable company wanted to infuse and nurture the culture of “problem solving” amongst its employees. LG India invited Elephant to create such an ambience at their facility that enabled their teams to generate differentiated, innovative solutions in everything they do.


To encourage a free flow of ideas in LG’s space and inspire differentiated thinking, while incorporating LG’s brand values.


Innovation is an ongoing activity. With a constant exchange of ideas and these in turn fostering a cohesive progression, Elephant adapted seamlessness as the spatial strategy to bring the concept alive.


Elephant proposed the theme, Anant (Endless) that became the space’s name and inspired a visual language based on the ‘infinity’ symbol. ‘Infinity’ appeared on the floor and ceiling, to illuminate positive associations with Innovation such as ‘limitless possibilities’, ‘unlimited ideas’, ‘boundless energy’, ‘freedom to co-create’ and ultimately provide a fertile ground necessary for innovation to germinate and proliferate. The space had a similar infinite character with modular seating and discussion set ups, and mood-lighting change control. To enhance the meditative quality of the space, zones of ”reflection” were built in such as a dark passage that transported the users to a deeper, more meaningful mind space.


The space helped LG employees immerse into a differentiated and enlivening environment and discover the true spirit of Innovation.
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