Mahindra Zest

A holiday experience through retail


Club Mahindra Holidays, the company that pioneered the concept of making frequent family holidays a part of the lifestyle for many Indians, wanted to launch a new weekend holiday timeshare product targeted at the young and affluent metropolitans. Elephant partnered with them to create exclusive, stand-alone retail spaces.


The Mahindra Zest stores needed an environment that engaged the holiday customers’ senses and created a space where potential customers could be invited for a sales pitch and presentations.


Elephant looked at people to understand their desires and disappointments of holiday customers by visiting existing Club Mahindra retail outlets. Observational studies, interviews of staff and potential customers were conducted to understand the emotions, images and experiences that make great holidays. Thus the approach of creating a comfortable, friendly & memorable experience that appeals to all senses of the potential customer was formed.


A lounge like informal setting was created for the retail space with individual sitting clusters spread across the outlet. The experience was accentuated with the use of graphics, soft lighting, holiday mood walls, background music (running water, singing birds etc), and aroma (of pine trees), thereby appealing to all the senses of the customer.


The first retail outlet was launched in 2006 at Bangalore and has expanded considerably since then.
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