Venky’s xprs

Bringing the brand proposition alive in retail


Venky’s, the leaders in poultry, chicken & ready-to-eat processed chicken delicacies were looking to establish a chain of quick-service takeaway places targeting health-conscious customers seeking convenience. Elephant partnered with Venky’s to create a contemporary and international brand image, which formed the basis of this retail experience.


An exclusive quick-service, food experience for the youth needed to be created keeping in mind their preferences, trends and comfort zones.


Elephant observed several takeaway places and youth hangouts to understand the needs & aspirations of this audience. This resulted in a the spatial approach of creating quick and effective brand presence while enhancing the food experience across touch points, to delight and engage the multi-message oriented youth of today.


Elephant suggested the name “Venky’s xprs” to build attitude and aspiration surrounding the brand. The outlet dons a sleek, international look- bright ambience, bold colours and smooth lines, with stylized and witty communication supported by a well-managed interaction experience.


The first retail outlet was launched in February, 2010 at Pune, with resounding success. Due to its differentiated youthful ambience and quality delicacies, Venky’s xprs is rapidly gaining momentum across the country.
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