Healthcare Assistance

How do I know what more does my customer want, so that I can expand into the existing base?

To assist chronic disease patients to live a regulated but active lifestyle

The patients suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes and hyper-tension need to change their lifestyles and constantly regulate them. The care givers and doctors need to be informed of the condition of the patient and the rendering timely help to them is of critical importance.

Elephant studied the lifestyle conditions of chronic patients and their support eco systems over time and captured their apparent and latent needs. The delivery of live & value added actionable information to the care giver and medical help is a critical success factor.

Elephant translated the insight and need into robust communication logic and user interface definition for a new hand held device. To ensure that the hand held Health Digital Assistant (HDA) motivates primary and further successful interactions, co-creating workshops with users were conducted and low res prototypes tested. The new user experience and solution strategy led to the creation of an ingeniously innovative product.
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