How do I bring about a quick change in the organisation culture?

Kick starting an innovation culture

Establishing a new culture of innovation in a largely departmentalized and intricately complex organization where innovation & synergy have been on a standstill for many years.

Elephant kick-started the change process by diving deep into the company & employee culture, mindset and aspirations. A new process of change was designed driven by consumer focus, which was specifically made simple to understand, easy to carry out and delivered quick and measurable results. An effective strategy to kick-start and continue the change process in a consistent manner and increase participation was devised and put into action.

Leveraging the aspiration and latent knowledge of the employee, a series of unexpectedly new and innovative products were prototyped and tested. This brought about a sense of confidence and purpose among the employee, which is fundamental to an effective change.
Innovation Culture Building
Key Deliverables
Design research
Innovation workshop
Customised innovation process, Developing necessary tools, communication and systems to support the large scale change process