Small Car

How do we engage the customers to develop our next product?

To drive new product development by understanding what the Indian user values most in a low cost car.

Often the low cost cars in the Indian market are stripped down, value engineered versions of existing small car models.

A large auto manufacturer wanted to create a new car from scratch, which could fulfill the complex needs of its specific user segment while keeping it in line with the context of the developing infrastructure & economy of India.

Elephant carried out an exhaustive study in various geographical regions to develop a deep understanding of user’s need, aspiration & context and decision drivers. The research data threw up unique insights and challenges, which brought about the evolution of ideas. The ideas were translated into directional solutions through a series of co creation workshops with car design experts.

This user centric, collaborative effort positively contributed to the success of the New Product Development.
New Product Development
Key Deliverables
Design research
Scenario building
Co creation