EasyDay Retail

Creating a Community Experience at your Neighbourhood Convenience Store

Future Group is known for its well-crafted retail experiences in various chains all over the country. So when they approached us for recreating EasyDay in keeping with a new shopping format, we jumped at the opportunity. 

EasyDay was a regular neighbourhood convenience store, with a small-sized self service system. It was being turned into an exclusive members-only benefits club, offering a hyperlocal community shopping experience to its customers. 

After doing up the brand’s new identity, we were tasked with designing the new retail outlets which would reflect the new value system it was trying to implement. 

Communication was built around easy and fresh shopping. A vibrant range of icons was developed to complement the system. These were used in store communication and signages. The wording on the indoor signages was made conversational, making for a friendly environment for the customer.

The indoor store pillars and product displays were painted in Easy Day greens, creating a brand centric experience. Shopping carts and baskets were designed to reflect the same brand colours. 

The isle signages were given a rustic feel with wooden finishes, connecting to the concept of freshness. Community boards were set up inside for Easy Day Club members to post about local events and services. 

The new and larger EasyDay Club stores had backlit store front logos, lending them a more premium look.

Once the elements were ready, we took the team through an implementation workshop for the retail outlets. Stores have since been opened to the public, receiving a good response. Future Group has spoken about plans to expand EasyDay Club stores to 10,000 nationwide by 2022.

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