Learn, play & innovate platform for new age kids

Today’s kids are nothing like what we were, growing up. Pointing outdoors and telling them to go play just doesn’t cut it with this generation. They are sharper, smarter and get bored even quicker. Which is why, their toys needed to match and Plezmo was born.

Children need to be empowered to bring their innovative and personally meaningful ideas to life, and this is exactly what Plezmo does. We designed a platform of modules and accessories that lend itself to a range of intelligent, wireless devices for the segment of IOT based toys.

We did A LOT of research with 10 year old to teenagers, watch, follow their traits & play habits. Compact modules, which have light, sound, colour and proximity sensors are your play pals at Plezmo. Kids can play freely using their imagination with play elements of their choice (Yes, even shoe boxes!), create programs using easy to use drag-and-drop Visual Programming interfaces to define the functions of Plezmo. With just a couple of accessories, you can play hobby sets, lego sets to a smartwatch.

No heavy electronics, circuits or boring programing language to be mastered, kids learn to understand use of sensors as well as planning & reasoning for making an activity program! Designed in engineering plastics, Plezmo is a modular system of interactive enclosures, mounting surfaces & haptic interfaces.

Before you turn to your teen to understand more, here is a video of how Plezmo works.