Pune Guide Book

Some of our projects require us to travel extensively for research, and the one thing we noticed everywhere was the affluence of tourist resources in places around the world. Each place would have a couple of books dedicated to it, telling tourists the whats and wheres of the locale.

Why didn’t Pune have one then? It was blooming into a big city, with lots of people visiting, mostly clueless about the plethora of things to do here. So around a decade ago, we put together the Pune Guide Book, an attempt to address this problem.

We spent extensive periods on research, finding out the best places in this city we call our home. We tried to include something for everyone, talking about food, culture and seasonal activities in and around Pune. The book also spoke about the cultural importance of the place.

Being the first of its kind here, the book sold well and we hope to have laid a foundation for future generations of similar publications!

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