Saptahik Sakal

Marathi publications are not, unfortunately, known for their stylized content which appeals to the youth. When Saptahik Sakal, a popular marathi monthly magazine approached us for help in revamping their magazine, we were delighted to take it on!

For a long while Saptahik Sakal was considered something only seniors in the family would read, dispensing astrological and healthcare advice. In reality, it was much more, but it needed a little work to make it accessible to younger people too.

To attract more younger readers, we needed to work on altering the content as well as the design structure of the family oriented magazine. We played around with the typeface, making their cover design edgy and modern. The cover layouts were reworked, making the magazine more accessible to everyone in the family, without limiting them to the older generations.

We also did extensive research and came up with appealing content ideas, which would draw in a younger crowd. Each issue now has a brighter colour palette, stylised covers and eye catching graphics spread throughout.

Since its launch, the new edition has been received phenomenally well, with a fantastic response and a huge jump in readership.

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