Symphony Cloud

Free up the floor and window

It’s no secret that real estate is becoming expensive, so space is becoming even more valuable.

Our research at people homes indicated that they value each square inch of space. Losing windows to boxy coolers seemed a necessary evil that people resigned towards. So we made Cloud happen.

World first wall mounted cooler !

Being a wall mounted cooler, the problem arose of filling water and maintenance. Cloud’s water tank filling and drainage process was made automatic through remote operation and we designed a Quick Connect Joint to connect the water pipe. The design incorporates a pretty cool solution of cassette-type cooling pads for ease of removal, insertion & access for servicing. Designed and tested the product is built in recyclable engineering plastics. 

We gained an innovative first, a solution that is blue ocean, compact & mounts high on your wall. It requires no cut-out opening and as an aspirational product, Cloud looks fabulous up on the wall as you look out of your free window!

Cloud was awarded “India Design Mark” for the year 2017.

Here is a video of how Cloud works