Product Design

We help create eective Product experiences through design thinking.
Elephant follows a human centered design approach at evolving new product paradigms from concept to realization.
  • We design solutions for the medical, consumer appliance, industrial equipment, FMCG & life
  • style products and Office electronics amongst others
  • Our dynamic team comprises design researchers, industrial designers, engineers and
  • prototyping technicians.

What We Offer

User understanding, Analysis & Product Portfolio Strategy

  • User Centered Research: Tangible, intangible & latent needs
  • Business, Competition & Trend mapping
  • User Interaction & task Analysis
  • Opportunity, Priority and Feasibility maps
  • Product Platform & Design Language System
  • Product definition & brief recreation
  • Project success metrics

Industrial Design, Product Design Language application

  • Ideation & Co creation
  • Enclosure packaging & design, style concepts
  • 3D simulations & visualization
  • Product Graphics & Interface design
  • Functional mock ups, quick prototyping

Design Engineering

  • Design Engineering
  • Part design, Assemblies, CADD
  • Material/ Process specifications
  • Prototype production data
  • Coordinating FE Analysis

Prototyping & User test

  • Consumer research prototype
  • Working prototype
  • Rapid Prototyping, Sheet metal & Composites
  • Evaluating user feedback

Design Support during tooling stage & pre production

  • Final Manufacture Data
  • De bugging pilot run issues
  • Drawings & Art works


How We Do

The design solutions are driven by our responsiveness to people, market, socio-economic scenarios and need-based opportunities.

Discover: Design Research

  • Using various appropriate methods the Elephant team conducts research to gain knowledge about the consumer and the context for the product’s use. We also study the contemporary consumer trends, business objectives and technology feasibility.

Define: Problem Re-framing

  • In this phase the Elephant team analyses the design research observations along with the Client team redefines and validates the overall strategy for the product in order to provide direction and context. Insights are analyzed and key challenges framed.

Develop 1: Idea Generation and Concept

  • Idea generation sessions are held by Elephant team along with the stakeholders to generate new ideas for products that offer key advantages for people concerned and the business. These ideas are visualized as sketches, analyzed and filtered.

Develop 2: Design, Design Engineering & Development

  • Shortlisted ideas that have potential are further worked through in more detail for early virtual manifestations in the form of refined renderings, mockups and defined from technical intent. The selected design concept is detailed beginning with schematic representation, package configurations to detailed assemblies with process parameters for use as prototype manufacture data.

Deploy: Prototyping & Manufacture data

  • Prototyping data is analyzed with respect based on relevant factors to eliminate any performance issues and is then prototyped using various simulations and small batch production techniques. The selected design is user evaluated, functional checks to test performance parameters against success metrics established earlier.
    Feedback is used to improve product details and a final manufacturing ready data is delivered.