Retail & Brand Spaces

We bring brands to life in spaces- retail and environments, connect emotionally with users and foster company cultures by building memorable and meaningful experiences. Our cross-domain knowledge and proprietary experience-building tools enable to integrate retail, business or workspaces under one strong brand proposition, with a unique visual voice.

Retail Space Design

  • Retail Brand and Experience
  • Standardization for Effective Scaling
  • Visual and In-store Merchandising

Campus Experience and Signage

  • Way Finding Signage Systems
  • Customer / Visitor Experience Creation

Brand Experience zones

  • Brand Expression in Space
  • Project Exhibit Spaces
  • Special Experience Zones

What We Offer

Brand Positioning Translation into Space

  • Brand Spatial Context and Thematic Interpretation
  • Naming and Nomenclature
  • Visual Hierarchy

Experience Design Program

  • Experience Assets: Visual and Structural Vocabulary including layouts, retail branding, logo/symbol, colour palette, typeface, visual language, imagery principles, interior finishes, furniture, lighting, signage, art & installation
  • Design adaptation to different sizes of proposed spaces/retail

Brand Experience and System Guidelines Manual
Implementation support

  • Vendor briefing and Periodic Supervision of prototype

How We Do

Discover: Space and User Understanding

  • The project process starts with detail understanding of the space, user profiles, customer journey, business related functional needs of the space, similar spaces/formats. For retail design program, we also study the competing and complimenting brands retail environments.

Define: Brand Experience Strategy and Concepts

  • The learnings and insights from the study are taken further to develop the theme, communication story and overall experience strategy. User/customer journey maps are mapped with the final touchpoints to build communication or experience. Principles to define the space layout, communication and culture are finalized. Ideation process leads to development of concepts that capture the proposed experience, including visual elements and branding.

Develop: Concept refinement, design and detailing

  • The preferred concept is refined to finalise all elements of the experience. Design of the elements, furniture/fixtures, visual language and graphics, signage system are then done and these are detailed for production. Material, color and other specifications are finalized.

Deploy: Prototype Supervision and Rollout Facilitation

  • Our team assists in vendor identification as needed, briefs the implementation vendors and periodically supervises the prototype space implementation to ensure adherence to design specification and quality.
    The Brand Experience Principles and design are then documented in an implementation guideline manual to facilitate the roll out after the prototype.