Axis Bank Express

Smart Banking redefined as value added & compact formats

Aligning with today’s tech-driven generation, our design team worked with Axis Bank to launch Express Branch, a retail banking initiative to deliver superior Omni channel & digital banking experience to customers. 

Going from “Bricks & Mortar to a Clicks & Mortar” experience, these compact branches are meant to be conveniently located in Malls or Office spaces and offer customers round the clock banking services for their convenience & ease.

Our Design principles for the Express Banking branch focused around encouragement to customers towards using technology, maximize exposure of Axis products & services while redefining the Digital Banking experience and portray Axis Bank as a new age bank for the on-the-go customer.

The layout provides for an entrance Digital wall angled for maximum visibility with frequently used e-services positioned upfront, a feature element & Digital Interaction table at the center for easy accessibility with a touch-feel product display and an interaction area with a café corner towards the rear, offering notional privacy for personalized interactions around circular tables.

The retail environment is minimalistic & classy and incorporates the new Axis Bank retail visual language. 

Focused on improving customer experience and enhancing value for customers, these branches play a major role in building & strengthening the bank’s relationship with on-the-go customers, through an enhanced digital banking experience.

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