Axis Bank Passbook Printing Kiosk

Self-service Kiosk for Updating Passbooks

Who wants to wait in long queues just to get their passbooks updated? This is so “uncool”! To improve banking experience, Axis Bank introduced automated Passbook Printing Kiosks (PPM) to help customers print their Passbooks in self-service mode using barcode technology. However, since the PPM is a relatively new device, it had limited approachability. Our digital team conducted user research through multiple rounds of testing to finally reach an optimum user-friendly solution. The team highlighted usability issues and addressed the existing screen interface to make;

    •    Screen instructions easily understandable

    •    Differentiate processing states of the system

    •    Improved language consistency and visual recognition

    •    Introduced feedback about the status of operation

The Digital team redesigned the screen flow, instructions & visual treatment and improve the overall experience to make it familiar, simplified and quick for their customers. Screens are template-based and can be easily modified at any time. The main screen incorporates visual language elements such as the Axis texture, 24X7 Speed banking strip, Blue colour-coded status arrows and an unique Axis colour texture Progress Bar.

Axis bank has currently rolled out 50+ PPM Kiosks with the new improved interface and plans to roll-out more in the near future. Happy printing!

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