Behavioral study for appliances

Strategic Design approach based on local habits & culture

A German appliance manufacturer was seeking to develop a refrigerator specifically for Indian market. Our Strategy team was commissioned to find out what people look for in a refrigerator. Sounds simple enough, right?

That wasn’t the case at all.

Within India there is a wide diaspora and even though there is some similarity, all of our sub-cultures are distinct from each other. And food plays a major part. So this project involved us doing an in-depth anthropological study of food & storage habits around the region.

Each sub-region has different food habits and each cuisine places a different demand from a refrigerator. People compromise when they choose a refrigerator for their homes. We used innovative engagement tools & games to find the specific needs & wants of people. Our team came back with insightful data (which was all super interesting), and we synthesised our learnings to define the core challenge, design strategy & approach.

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