Naming and Identity for A Chain of Organic Retail Stores

Healthy living has caught on rapidly in the past few years. Evolving from a popular trend to conscious lifestyle choice, it’s here to stay. Aster Pharma, a renowned pharmacy retailer in the UAE wanted to make healthy living easily accessible to people through a chain of one-stop retail stores. Complete with products made of natural ingredients, it hoped to become an organic hub by making a healthy lifestyle available at pocket-friendly prices.

We were invited to work with Aster on the naming and visual identity for their new brand of wellness stores. Nature and trust were at the heart of the brand’s values, and needed to be exemplified through the brand name and identity. We worked with the client to create a range of naming options, from which Beleaf was chosen. An amalgamation of Believe and Leaf, the name incorporates the trustworthiness of the brand along with the goodness of its natural ingredients. 

The visual identity would be strong and aspirational, carrying forward the brand’s values and resonating with a global audience. For the logo, our team decided on the usage of green to denote freshness and nature. To further highlight the usage of natural ingredients, we decided to integrate natural elements in the logo. The unique formation of a leaf in the counter space of alphabet “a” reiterates the concept of wellness within. A lock-up tagline was incorporated to consistently establish the brand promise. 

The usage of visual icons and modern typefaces made the identity distinct and ownable. 

We decided to use the minimalistic approach and avoid clutter, opting for a simple yet contemporary identity which would stand out and draw attention. This was translated onto uniforms and stationery for Beleaf stores, the visual mnemonic making it a unique touchpoint. 

Beleaf Stores have been launched in the UAE and have received a warm response from health conscious customers.