I always have options ready.   Being in Administration and HR we have to take extreme care about planning. Still we should think about the worst problem may occur in between and always be ready with the options so that all functions happens smoothly.

For example, arrangement for any event / workshops check all small thing like food type, drink flavour, mosquito repellant in working condition, etc.

Jayashree Babar – HR & Admin Team

Whenever I encounter a design brief or a design problem I try to look at divergent ways to come up with concepts ( e.g Method cards, Visual Thesaurus etc)  and to bring the same to a logical execution. Being empathetic to the users/clients needs is something that I have learnt over time here.

Meenakshi Borgohain - Graphic Design Team

A design that is practical and easy to execute as per the production methods. I try to educate the younger designers the importance of smart design.


What value I am creating 2_Blog_Elephant Design.jpg.jpg

I try to involve in other teams project also and give my inputs wherever necessary new technique, method and new design trends.

Abhay Patil - Graphic Design Team

I have also been organizing out of office activities with my colleagues that include home visits, outings, treks as well as get-together for Elephants. Meeting outside the office helps the team synergies and know each other better, building friendships and camaraderie.

Harshad Choudhari - Program Management Team

I maintain a list of work, which I have to do. And try to done it as per priorities.  It is very helpful to me to keep track on my daily, weekly, monthly work.

One thought can change our mood. I try to write one good thought on our white board everyday.

Rohini Natu – Finance Team

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