Drinks & Memories

One rainy day, an August afternoon, when you had just come home from school, completely drenched. Tearing a page from your math notebook, you ran outside to make a tiny boat and launch it into the biggest puddle you could find! Mom would then call your name and haul you inside to dry up… Warm and in fresh clothes, she would hand you a glass of your favourite home made drink which you’d happily gulp down!

Paper Boat came to us with a range of simple and healthy drinks, which promised familiar tastes, with a side of nostalgic childhood memories. We needed to communicate the brand idea of natural, unadulterated drinks from the past, in a contemporary format. 

What is more reminiscent of childhood than the paper boats you launched into puddles in your backyard, always torn from the last page of a school notebook? We named this brand Paper Boat. It was inspired by a well-known Jagjit Singh gazalWho Kagaj Woh Kagaz Ki Kashti Wo Barish Ka Pani” by Sudarshan Faakir. 

We wanted to make the Paper Boat drinks an experience, make them stand out from ordinary drinks, so we decided to go with standee pouches, with a look and feel like paper.

We built the visual language to communicate simplicity and purity of the drinks, with colours inspired by nature, simple visual landscapes and a conversational tone… Leaving you feeling nostalgic, something that the brand is all about.

In 2013, Paper Boat was placed silently across retail outlets in major metros, with no advertising or promotions. The packs disappeared so quickly, the client had to revise their capacity plans!

In just three years AFAQS ranked Paper Boat among 2016 top 10 buzziest brands of India.

And 2017 Interbrand recognized Paper Boat as a breakthrough brand. 

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