Cairn Corporate Office

What’s Beneath The Surface?

One of India’s largest private oil and gas exploration and production companies Cairn Energy PLC, part of Vedanta Group, was moving to a new office space to accommodate their growing workforce. With a huge leap in employees as well as projects, Cairn wanted a brand new space to reflect their values & culture and most importantly, to make it a lively working environment.

Elephant was commissioned to design the framework and experience for Cairn’s corporate office that would represent their collaborative work culture with a friendly, yet global professional feel. We did a thorough study of their official requirements, staffing needs and functions. An experience document was created leading to a brief creation for 200,000 sq. ft. of space covering interior work & other agencies.

What better theme to pick for their office than the Earth itself? For the workspace named “Terra”, we drew inspiration from the various layers below the Earth’s surface and used them to customize each floor & the spaces within.

The visual language included a detailed theme, colour & inspiration for each floor, drawn from each of the Earth’s layers, translating into the various rooms.

The workspaces and meeting rooms were designed with plenty of natural light, allowing a vibrant and open feel. Formal meeting zones were defined. Hang out spots, like the breakout zones and cafeterias, had a brighter more casual demeanour for easy relaxation. Right from the parking lot to the conference rooms, we created a thoughtful journey that resonated with the brand Cairn India. 

Cairn India reported greater employee satisfaction and productivity since their shift to the new integrated space.

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