Champions League

Champions Locked Horns

In a country as obsessed with cricket as we are, what’s better than cracking open a cold one and watching the Champions League Twenty20? Designing the visual language for it, that’s what! We were enlisted to bring alive the excitement of the annual international tournament through visual language and styling of print, online and television graphics, and boy, were we excited!

Watched by millions around the globe, the pressure was high to maintain a premium international look and style. The task was to build contextual excitement through a visual story depicted by various elements used at venues, online as well as television broadcasts. The language needed to work well with various formats, translating into everything from award ceremonies to players’ vehicles.

We picked a “battle arena” theme for the primary visual language, where champions would compete as gladiators. Three visual sub-themes were designed and developed to expand the palette, represented by different aspects of a battle. A combination of these sub-themes were used for designing all the tournament collateral including stadium dressing and broadcast animations.

We were invited to work with the two subsequent Champions League Tournaments, so we would definitely consider this project a success!

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