Chola MS

Insurance at the snap of your fingers

Today, when the market is abuzz with competition and customers are more discerning, merely having a world-class product by itself is not an assurance of success. Alongside, it needs to provide a one-of-its kind experience, striking a chord with the real time needs of customers.

Chola MS, a client focused on the general insurance sector wanted to bring about a differentiated experience for its core customers, the Insurance Agents. It was essential to have an innovative concept for this new “Express” outlets that made the traditional time consuming process of renewing or buying an insurance policy happen within minutes. Technology played a major role and it was important to create a brand and experience that place Chola MS into a cutting edge zone. Effort was to make the process of insurance transaction quick, experiential & friendly. Insurance Express as a brand was created to reinforce the basic concept of this state of the art insurance platform. The outlets are designed compact with ROI & speed of deployment in mind and yet they are experiential spaces, designed for customers to find out about investments, lending and insurance products. These outlets considerably reduce transaction times with instant gratification for both Agents & customers.

The design language was made more energetic, with a vibrant colour palette and “smart” elements. We wanted to make the experience of purchasing insurance super comfortable and not daunting for the end customers.

Having the convenience of automated machines and interfaces that were very user friendly, it’s really no surprise that around 300 of these outlets have popped up in four states so far!

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