Colgate POSM

Designing Eye-Catching Store Communication for a FMCG brand

When you’re out shopping for everyday household products, notice how hundreds of brands with tall offerings throw themselves at you from the shelves? How do you know which one to pick?

As a brand, the biggest challenge is to grab your customer’s attention and push them to make the decision to pick your product over the others. 

Colgate approached us with a similar problem, and wanted us to design Point of Sale Materials (POSMs) for their products in a range of shop formats. 

We created POSMs to communicate their chosen product portfolio, drawing the customer’s attention. Being a brand universally used in all strata of society, it was sold it in a multitude of retail formats.

In-depth studies showed us how customers behaved and moved around in each type of shop format, from high frequency neighbourhood grocery stores to large self-service retail outlets. After drawing up planograms to maximise visibility in each format, we designed POSM devices to suit the needs of each kind of shopper. The devices followed the same language system and were designed to look eye-catching and robust, while being efficient and sustainable.

Large Modern retail outlets were provided with POSM devices which displayed and dispensed a range of products, in keeping with the self-service nature of the store and buying habits of the shoppers. Medium sized outlets housed island displays, while high frequency stores were set up with standees. Wholesale marts had flags with brand communication and offers, which could be easily changed. 

The range of POSM devices helped fulfil their purpose of drawing attention to Colgate’s range of products within cluttered high frequency retail environments.

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