Daily Calcium

Packaging Design for OTC Calcium Supplements

It’s no secret that women end up doing a large portion of work, both in their home as well as professional lives. Looking after their jobs and families, they often end up neglecting their own health. With conditions like osteoporosis on the rise in women as they age, the importance of maintaining calcium levels is only getting higher. 

Elephant Design was approached by pharmaceutical giant Cipla, to create a new brand for its new calcium supplement formulated specially for active women: Daily Calcium. Packed with bone-strengthening nutrients, it was in the form of effervescent tablets to be dissolved in water. 

Since the name ‘Daily Calcium’ connotes the function of the product upfront, we needed to infuse vibrancy and lifestyle cues through the pack visual language to balance the clinical and wellness spaces. The brand logo cues simplicity through a sans serif and upper-case rendition with a bold underline to assert expertise.

We had to work on highlighting the key offerings of the product, while making the packs spirited and attractive. Daily Calcium was to be sold as an OTC product, so the packaging needed to be approachable and inviting for consumers to pick it up. 

For the pack background, we used colours corresponding to each of the flavour variants. The gradient was introduced to add vibrancy to the structure, moving it away from the mundane prescription category. It also connoted the effervesce of the tablets, which was a unique offering of the brand. The colours for the mnemonic were derived to complement the pack colours. 

The benefits of the product were highlighted on the front of the pack, emphasising on the sugar free nature of the supplement. We included a graphic of the tablet near the logo, illustrating its texture when dropped into water. 

To have a better shelf presence, a carton surrounding the bottle was introduced. The team worked on bringing the bottle as well as its carton alive. The same visual language was adapted to both, with a system created which could be used for future products or variants under the same brand. 

Daily Calcium has since become a preferred supplement for active women to rely on. The dynamic and inviting packaging gives it great visibility at any pharmaceutical store.