Dr Reddy’s Campus - Signages

Creating A Brand Oriented Signage System, Designed to Influence Workforce Behaviour

The largest campus of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories is situated at Bachupally, Hyderabad. As an established brand with an extensive workforce, it was important for them to have a common visual language that the employees as well as visitors could connect with. 

We were tasked with designing the signage & way-finding to tie in the brand language and create a system which would bring about a positive behavioural change in their employees. 

The project began as a conversation with business stakeholders, an understanding of complex journeys within various facilities & an auditing of the extent of messaging throughout the campus. The existing solutions revealed low uniformity in terms of shape, texture, design & messaging. We started off by creating a content system and nomenclature for the facilities, for clearer understanding. In keeping with the brand’s image, the way finding had to be minimal yet impactful.

The brand’s core colour formed a strong part of the signage identity. After location visits and extensive research on campus behaviour, a standard visual and structural system for each signage type was developed.

The signs played with contrasting materials. Forms were simple, yet had contemporary expression & followed colour codes for zone-based recognition. Heights of location markers were increased for improved visibility. Restricted areas were highlighted in yellow, black and red. Icons have been used to improve cognizance while in motion. Instructional safety signs were designed to encourage good practices amongst employees. 

Each signage was carefully thought out. The new system has de-cluttered the campus and created a uniform brand identity that can be adapted to other Dr. Reddy’s facilities & campuses whether in India or globally.

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