Elephant PMT

Design Project Management Tool

At Elephant, we are constantly growing. As our projects increase, our team grows to keep up. With over 50 employees and numerous ongoing projects, it becomes difficult to keep track of everything thats going on at work.

Which is why, we decided to build an internal system to manage people and their projects, the first one of its kind created by an Indian Design consulting practice. This system allows each member of our team to track their ongoing projects and record their personal progress with their unique login ID. Managers can also track employee & project performances, making sure everything is on track! Build to align support systems to design teams, this tools tracks enquiries, proposals, man hours, schedules, Design process milestones, provides dashboards for team, project, business review as well as compliances.

Elephant PMT was entirely conceptualised and designed by us at Elephant, and it’s definitely made our lives at work easier, more efficient & definitely Smarter!!!

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