F Cubed

Structuring an online platform for second careers in the Singapore Job Market

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The Singapore job market faces major problems relating to layoffs and unemployment among older age groups. A group of seniors who went through this decided to create a solution to help others in similar situations. 

They developed an innovative service platform to offer career opportunities to people who were unsure how to begin looking for a second job that suited their needs. It was designed for people who had unexpectedly lost their jobs or were looking to secure their future incase of a professional setback. 

The company wanted to scale the business and attract new members to join the community. Our objective was to define and create a unique customer journey to suit the Singapore job market and develop a business model that turns it into a self-sustainable venture for the founders.

After understanding the types of users the platform caters to, we created personas for each of them. These were used to discuss and address their needs, problems and questions regarding the platform, and how best to address them. Our team created a strategy for the client’s online platform, with recommendations for structuring an engaging and user-friendly portal. 

Using our customer research, we created a plan for reaching out to and engaging sponsors and establishing a strong social media presence. We then customised a road map to help the company structure and put the recommendations into action. 

This project was undertaken as a part of our role as a Design Facilitator in Singapore. Through this initiative, we help businesses tackle their challenges using Design Thinking.

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