Finger Lix

Finger Licking Magic

Over the years, homemakers’ roles have drastically changed. No longer is someone expected to spend hours on end in the kitchen, and our client had come up with their own brand of almost-ready food, which could also be personalised! 

We love Asterix and Obelix, and so did the client team, so Fingerlix was an obvious choice (which was actually handed to us on a platter). With the whole Asterix theme, the magic potion and the cauldron forming a part of their identity, were pretty much obvious choices. Our team came up with the idea of one enormous cauldron, which has a hint of naughty and a dash of nice, to brew a magical meal with lots of love. 

Since the food brands space is already super crowded, we had to come up with a way to make this brand stand out, and resonate with the customer. Going with a lighthearted theme to communicate “Freshly Cooked Deliciousness”, we chose fresh, natural colours, with the ingredients in watercolour strokes. We used this visual language to create an association with the brand, across platforms. 

Our team worked on the application design, online & offline communication and, the elephant in the room (pun not intended), the packaging for Fingerlix! 

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