Identity and Packaging for a Range of Healthy, Gourmet Foods

Our hectic lifestyle nowadays leaves us with little time to plan and prepare healthy, home cooked meals. What could be a hassle-free solution to ensure nutrition packed meals and snacks, easy to make and yet tasty to eat? This is where Saffola’s range of healthy gourmet foods comes in. Fortified with plant-based superfoods, Fittify inculcates a lifestyle change towards a healthier future. Elephant was approached to create the brand identity and design the packaging for Fittify. 

Fittify was positioned as a range of new-age, functional products which would help consumers on their journey to become fitter, healthier individuals. The identity subtly sits within a measurement tape, a direct connect to the brand’s weight management offering. 

Our approach to the pack was infographic oriented, through which the product’s nutritional benefits would be highlighted. Deviating from the customary route, we decided to include the nutrition panel on the front of the pack instead. This would add to the sincerity of the product, as though it was directly being recommended by a professional.  The “nutritionist” stamp further strengthened this. 

A nutritional meal doesn’t have to be a bland one. We used vibrant food shots along with chef-curated recipes to assure consumers that they wouldn’t be compromising on taste. The foods shots were also used to distinguish between the variants. The back of pack explained the product story, along with the benefits of the superfoods used. Our design team created icons, which were used for pictorial representation of benefits. 

The colour palette consisted of organic and bright colours, to connote the healthy and contemporary positioning of the brand. The blue brand-colour band brought uniformity to the packs, tying them together as part of the same family. This system was made to be adaptable to future variants. 

Fittify was recently launched online, and has been received well in the market. Since then, new variants have been created to be part of the healthy, gourmet brand.  

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