FMCG New Product Development

Innovating new product formats and delivery for personal care

We partnered with world leading cosmetic company to help develop first-in-the world kind of products for them. 

Yeah, it seemed a big challenge! Collaborative working & Design Thinking process helped build systematic approach to innovative solutions. 

By focusing on key customer segments across geographies, their lifestyle and discovering latent requirements, the team identified opportunities areas for New Product Development. Successive workshops took a mutli-functional team comprising of Product Formulation, Manufacturing, Consumer Testing, Packaging, Finance, Logistics and Design. The team underwent a step-by-step process of looking at scenarios, gaps, trends and arriving at insights and challenges. 

Guided Ideation sessions leading to idea selection, detailing and product concept communication took the team on a conversion path to select a series of New Products. The team created proof of concepts, which were used for user testing and product selection. 

Collaborative Design Thinking module between the client verticals and Elephant team resulted in a series of unique products. 

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