Developing solutions to increase engagement for an online sporting platform

An online sporting platform was looking to scale its business and attract new users. This platform had been created to engage sports lovers, athletes, talent spotters and brands. It aimed at becoming a credible source of original sporting content. We were asked to create a unique customer journey to establish connect between athletes, sponsors and talent spotters. 

We researched the user groups which were being targeted and their behaviour while using the platform. Analysing their online interaction helped us envisage their requirements from the platform. We used this to structure engagement strategies for each user group.

We provided solutions to curate customised experiences for each type of user, in turn increasing satisfaction and driving up engagement online. Building a strong website and mobile application was a priority. Competitors’ online presence was studied and analysed, and suggestions provided to improve the platform. 

Through the project, we created unique customer journeys taking into consideration the end users and provided solutions to grow engagement and in turn, the business. 

This project was undertaken as a part of our role as a Design Facilitator in Singapore. Through this initiative, we help businesses tackle their challenges using Design Thinking.