Transitioning A Legendary Music Shop into A professional Enterprise

Furtados is a highly reputed name in the Indian music industry. With humble beginnings in Bandra, Mumbai, they’ve been around for more than 150 years! They were looking to expand their business, become more accessible to music lovers everywhere and evolve into a professional brand. 

We worked together with the Furtados team to articulate the brand, create a visual identity and retail language. We developed a positioning strategy for their transition from a modest music store to a businesslike brand. Furtados’ new identity would have to encompass the personal touch they were known for, while bringing out its new corporate side. 

The logo was designed by stylising a semiquaver note to resemble an F. We drew inspiration from a musical stave while designing the lines surrounding it. While choosing a font, our team decided to go with a quirky serif style typeface, steering away from a typical corporate look. We worked closely with the client to develop the tagline “because you love music," which conveyed that the brand was more about musicians than about instruments. 

As a part of their transition into a big brand, Furtados was launching retail stores across the country. The language for these stores was centred around the different aspects of music, with textured backgrounds for displays. The stores displayed instruments and accessories in an interactive environment, mirroring the original Furtados store. 

Characterised by its quality, reliability and trustworthiness, we helped Furtados reinvent itself to meet the challenges and demands of changing times. While transitioning from a family managed business to a professionally managed enterprise, they were able to keep the original, intimate brand spirit intact. 

Now, Furtados is a nationally recognised brand, a one-stop-shop for music lovers. With a multitude of stores open across the country and a savvy online presence, they have managed to conquer the music industry while staying true to their roots

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