Godrej Professional FSU 

Floor Standing Unit for a Range of Hair Care Products

A good hair day can make you feel like a million bucks, like you can achieve anything. With people spending thousands on hair products and treatments, it’s no wonder hair care and styling is globally a multi-billion-dollar industry. 

Godrej Professional, a hair care and styling brand under the Godrej Group had launched a new range of hair care products. This had been created to be attentive to people with different types of hair and their varied needs. We were approached by the brand to create a Point Of Sale Merchandising (POSM) solution, by way of a Floor Standing Unit (FSU). This would be used to display products in salons all over the country. In an already crowded space, the FSU needed to stand out from the clutter, creating brand awareness and bringing products to the forefront. 

We started the project with in-depth research about user and space understanding. The FSU was targeted towards stand-alone salons and hyperlocal chains, where the products needed to look premium yet approachable. Speaking to target audiences and visiting salons to examine customer touch points, helped us better gauge the needs of the market and shaped our design approach. The FSU would need to be compact and inviting, built around an ownable element which was part of the brand’s core identity. 

Our team worked on a design which incorporated the “Curl” from Godrej Professional’s visual language and brand identity. The vertical edges included a curvature inspired by this element, while also integrating it as a cut-out at the centre of the unit. The chrome finish of the bottle caps was adapted on the logo at the top of the unit, with an option for backlighting. Different materials and finishes were used to complement the brand’s visual assets. 

To highlight the products on display, we included the variant names along with each one’s ingredient patterns and colours, which were adapted from the product packaging. Each variant was allotted separate shelf space, for customers’ ease of understanding and decision making. An  illuminated visual in the upper space of the unit would be used for brand images, with the ability to make changes. 

The final product was a compact unit, which could easily fit into available salon spaces. The FSU highlighted the brand and its products, without an intimidating influence on potential customers. Its approachability invited users to browse and purchase the products with ease. 

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