Good Coffee Please

Increasing daily sales of a local coffee shop through an integrated customer experience

A local coffee shop in Singapore was founded and run by two sisters, who now needed to change their strategy to keep up with competition from big brands. They needed to differentiate themselves to grow their business and increase daily sales. 

We were asked to develop a customer journey and brand specific strategy which would drive up sales and engage a loyal customer base.

After a thorough analysis of their customers, business model and communication, we designed a multifold strategy which included solutions to improve selected aspects of their business.The coffee shop’s proximity to a hospital was identified as a large potential customer base. The job profiles, timings and latent needs were studied in order to create a strategy. 

We structured an online and offline customer journey map, which would help in increasing footfall and reach out to first time customers. Combos and offers were created for recurring customers. In order to create a brand presence and inviting experience, we recommended customised serving materials, a daily food timetable and unique pricing strategies. Out team also curated Instagram and Facebook strategies for social media optimisation. 

A roadmap was created to help the brand implement and keep track of the various solutions. 

This project was undertaken as a part of our role as a Design Facilitator in Singapore. Through this initiative, we help businesses tackle their challenges using Design Thinking.