HealthCube Diagnosis App

Diagnostics at Fingertips

Diagnostics in healthcare is a problem area that faces acute constraints of accessibility in remote places, speed of diagnostic report generation & accuracy. Reaching such diagnostic services to remote & under served areas is a challenge as serious as making the doctors, health workers & patients connected through a convenient singularity.

Healthcube diagnostic platform does exactly all this and more. A smart app designed through conversations with doctors, lab assistants, health workers, patients which complements the Healthcubed diagnostic hardware platform. This application reduces effort in diagnosing patients for a number of conditions & tests, giving easy access to doctors & patients to tests & their records. Simplified iconography for usability and consistent visual language make the app engaging while providing quick multi user access. 

Healthcube application for their new PRO version is entirely conceptualised for its work flow, experience and designed by us at Elephant, and it’s definitely made healthcare more convenient & accessible for people.

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